Wow, I’ve been gone again for more than two weeks now. You all must be tired of my excuses, but you’re gonna hear them anyway because, to put it mildly, a lot of stuff has gone down. And practically my whole life has been upended.

First thing’s first: I wanted to post more photos from Hawaii but the thing is…I’ve had no chance to download any of them onto my laptop. When I came back, I had to start orientation for my new job and then, the weekend after, make the long drive from Virginia down to Florida, from where I am writing currently. And I really want to share the photos I took on Oahu as some of them are quite stunning. The first chance I get, I’ll post them, which will likely be this weekend.

That brings me to my next bit of news and my explanation for why I’ve been so quiet. After coming back from Hawaii, I had very little time to get settled as I started work almost immediately. I began with orientation in my neighborhood (I live(d) in the Washington DC Metro Area) which lasted an entire week, after which I had to get in my car and drive all the way down to Tampa, Florida, where I am currently stationed. For the next two years, I’ll be working out of MacDill Air Force Base as an analyst. I never thought in a million years that I’d get here, but somehow, I did it. I have the job that I dreamed of getting, and it only took me all of 16 months of waiting and agonizing.

Now, if you’re expecting me to go in-depth into what it is I do for a living, I’m afraid I will have to disappoint you. The nature of my job is very sensitive, so I cannot really say much about what I do other than I work in the Department of Defense as an analyst. Expect me to speak in a lot of generalities if I ever do talk about work, which will likely not happen. However, I can at least give a few details about where I work and what my neighborhood is like. I’ll save that for a later post, though.

That reminds me: this weekend (the first real one since I started working) I have some time to write some posts I’ve been mulling over in my head for a while. Naturally, I’ll post the pictures I didn’t have the time to share from Hawaii, but after that, I plan to write a few long blogs regarding writing and editing tips, some thoughts on where I currently live and work, maybe a rant on anime, and a few story-related ideas I’ve cooked up since I started work. Yes, even a job at an air force base can stir up some ideas in you. Crazy, no?

One last thing: now that I have a steady means to support myself, I am going back to querying literary agents. Can’t say for certain when I will start up again, but after going back and editing my previous works and finally getting into the workplace, I think I stand a better chance of getting accepted than when I was just fresh out of grad school with no real life experience under my belt.

That’s all for now, I think. I appreciate everyone being so patient and understanding with me about this. Starting a new job and relocating is a massive undertaking, but at least the hustle of the opening two weeks is over. I still have some things I need to learn next week, but I’m sure I can do it. This is what I’ve trained for my whole life, after all.

Until the next blog post (whenever that is),


5 thoughts on “Yet Another Blog Update (AKA I can’t keep a consistent schedule)

    1. Yeah it’s quite a massive change. Orientation was rather crazy and I was inundated with quite a lot to keep track of. Frankly, I’m still kinda taking it all in. Only thing is I can’t really talk about everything regarding my job now that I work in the Defense Department. A lot of the stuff I work with is rather sensitive, so don’t expect too many work stories.

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  1. It’s great man! I know it’s hard to now live in an entirely different place, but it’s only the start for something great. You’re in, you got the job!
    I know you’re now in something very sensitive, so I’m not expecting you to spill the beans haha! Do your best, I’m sure the air base will fill you with lots of great brave ideas.


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