Apologies to everyone for the slight delay. Things have been kinda crazy these last few days and Mom and I have traveled to Oahu for the final leg of our vacation. As of this posting, we have until Monday before we return home. But I still have some cool photos and stories to share.

Pictured above are some photos taken of my surfing. There is a small training school called The Goofy Foot where they give you a board, a rash guard, water shoes, and a trainer to teach you all you need to know about surfing. I thought for sure that it would be a bust, but I did better than I thought. I’m no pro, but I did manage to catch a few waves.

The last days on Maui were spent watching a cool magic show called Warren and Annabelle’s, and then taking a trip to the eastern half of Maui on a route called the Road to Hana. The road to Hana was….underwhelming to say the least. I didn’t really get too many good photos on that trip whereas the magic show made me laugh out loud. Not only that, but they even provided some great food (pictured above).

Now I’m on Oahu, and will have some cool photos to share from the last day or two. In particular, I visited the Dole Plantation as well as the US National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific at the Punchbowl crater. I had originally intended to see the Punchbowl Crater on my first visit to Oahu, but there was no time. You can’t hope to see everything on a vacation. But like my dad used to say: it’s something to see when you come back.

Until the next blog post,


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